Friday, April 13, 2018

Independent Time/Browse Activities

Choice Activities-quiet
Videos from Germany:  "Halo from Germany!" Flipgrid:
Ms. Barker will post videos from her trip as she is able. You can also record a response/question, but Ms. Barker will have to approve it before it posts. Keep it short and sweet!

1. Use catalog (link on the upper left Search our Catalog) to browse books to read and/or check out.
2. TumbleBooks Story Books, Read Alongs, Nonfiction or Playlists (use link on left; must use headphones)
3. Epic (go to this page for the Epic Classroom Code or look on board). It's most like reading a real book.
4. Storybird - create your own stories! (Log in on tables or on board)
5. Dance Mat Typing - learn and practice your keyboarding skills. Must use headphones!
6. Videos from the books we are reading:
-William Kamkwamba (6 minutes) The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind:
-Another talk by him:

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