Friday, January 26, 2018

4th/5th grade MSBA Week 3 - Choose your read aloud!

Reading Activities

1. Watch at least 1 book talk for each book.

Ms. Bixby's Last Day
-List it:

Save Me a Seat
-Fairfax teachers:

2. Then, if you haven't picked yet, go to the Google form to pick your book for the read-aloud.

Choice Activities-quiet
1. Use catalog (link on the upper left Search our Catalog) to browse books to read and/or check out.

2. TumbleBooks Story Books, Read Alongs, Nonfiction or Playlists (use link on left; must use headphones)
3. Epic (go to this page for the Epic Classroom Code or look on board). It's most like reading a real book.
4. Storybird - create your own stories! (Log in on tables or on board)
5. Dance Mat Typing - learn and practice your keyboarding skills. Must use headphones!
6. Play chess! In a group of 2-4 play or learn how to play chess. Perfect for post- Action-Adventure week!
7. Read the Chickadee nominated books (pink basket) to prepare to make your choice for the next technology project: a book trailer for the 3rd graders!
8. Write to an author! Many of the authors we read are on Twitter (e.g. John David Anderson author of Ms. Bixby's Last Day). I will post the message for you and chances are, they will write back! Use this form to write your message. Check this list to see which authors are on Twitter (and so it's easy for me to send them your message.)

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