Sunday, October 29, 2017

Happy Halloween! This past week in the Library, we have been celebrating the holiday through books!

4th and 5th grade classes are reading a book that offers a twist on the traditional vampire story: The Ink Drinker by Eric Sanvoisin. It's the first book in a series, so students can continue reading on their own.

Some class readings prompted a spontaneous "spelling bee" in the library, as students gamely attempted to spell new words, including cemetery, a word featured prominently in the text.

3rd grade is reading Cinderella Skeleton by Robert D. San Souci. This story is what is known as a "fractured fairy tale" - one that takes a familiar story but updates it to reflect more modern values. Stories with familiar plots and characters (or character types) make it easy for students to make predictions, comparisons, and imagine their own twists on classics.

5th grade has also been working on their online research skills with Marvel's Britannica Online. Did you know Marvel is available at home with your local library card? (Link is also on the left of this page.) Students researched topics in science and social studies and enjoyed exploring the multimedia features!

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